Herpes is a common health hazard that might happen to anybody without actually knowing it. This is a sexually spread health hazard but it doesn't give much of symptoms to give an indication that you suffer from Genital Herpes. Therefore the only way to find if you have Genital Herpes is to have a medical checkup. Statistics shows that one out of every three person suffered from Herpes at some point and almost half of the USA population suffers from this health hazard. Therefore, if there are big amount of Herpes infected people why is HSV not named as an epidemic. You might think that if herpes had become so common you should see regarding it everyday in newspapers and on TV. See, the reason that doesn't happen is because Herpes is not considered as severe as some other STDs such as HIV. Therefore, there is not much talk about it though a big number of population has herpes. However that doesn't mean HSV has not to be taken seriously. Genital Herpes in few cases could go on to cause other big health problems like cancer Therefore you better get checked up and if you do have Genital Herpes get it treated.

Genital Herpes is more common in ladies than in men, though the HSV virus does not differentiate between men and women. Genital Herpes is mostly spread via sexual intercourse and the fact that it doesn't provide signs, or it seldomly does show symptom plays the vital role in it's reckless spreading. As those who might have got the disease from their sexual partner are not aware of that since they don't get immediate symptoms, they may go on to have sex with other and spread the herpes virus. And condoms are not 100% protective in this case. So, if you go in bed next time, do check that your partner doesn't have Herpes and when you are having Genital Herpes, you must your partner and do not hide this due to the fear of sexual rejection as this might have long term consequence on the life of that person and many others. Genital Herpes symptoms do sometime appear and they are in the form of blisters, constant itching in your private parts. So if you had felt any of these stuff on regular basis you should get a medical check up.

Now when you have Genital Herpes, then this is not the end of the world. Humans get upset when they learn they have Herpes. They think this is it, this is the end of your life and they are going to live with this forever. This is a wrong thought that captures your mind and you shall not let it happen. Just because you have Genital Herpes does not mean it's all over. You can get it treated and by that I mean you could completely get rid of herpes. Well, I know some times your Doc say mean things like you should not have sex again or the herpes virus will never go away but that's not correct. You could cure Herpes. And it should not cost a million. There are a variety natural Genital Herpes treatments out there which have been found to be very helpful in curing Genital Herpes. So relax and cure Herpes. I have put a link here for Herpes cure you should check it out, it must cure your herpes.